Friday, 13 December 2013

Toss Your Cookies - Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk

As mentioned in our review, playing Toss Your Cookies with children at the younger end of the spectrum proved to be a small challenge. The first few rounds were great and everyone was having fun, but at some point the dynamic shifted and the younger players started to complain that the milk "toss" wasn't fair. This only seemed to be an issue when it was just the milk to be tossed, not a number of cards. To counteract this we worked with our children to come up with...

An Alternative to Tossing the Milk:
  1. Choose a number of unused cookie tiles to equal the number of players minus 1
  2. Mix them together with the milk
  3. Deal them out to the players (except the one doing the "toss"
  4. Whoever ends up with the milk keeps it while the other players return the other cookie tiles to the box
  5. Play continues as normal

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Toss Your Cookies - Review

Game Manufacturer: Gamewright
Ages: 8 and up
# Players: 3 to 8
Avg. Game Length: 15 minutes

Players try to be the first to collect 5 of the same cookie and the glass of milk while the dice direct them to trade cards or toss them in a pile for a mad grab.

  • Simple strategy
  • Fast gameplay
  • Fun, engaging play even for adults

  • Perceived "fairness" of the toss

We received Toss Your Cookies from another family that had enjoyed it, but had run into hard feelings during the game. Our first play through quickly showed us the same thing. The first few rounds went fine, but once the dice directed us to "toss" the milk there was an argument over how "fair" the toss was. If the milk tile bounced closer to one child than the other, or one had their hand closer to the table or had blinked at the wrong moment became a point of contention. With our kids at the lower end of the age spectrum for the game we decided to take this as a learning experience, although we did come up with a rule variation (article and link to follow).

Despite that minor bump we all still enjoy the game and have played several times on our family game nights.


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